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Your skin is talking

to you but are you listening?

I have people ask me every week, “what do you do to keep your skin looking so great?” Honestly, it started at 12 years old. You can have great genes but if you are not taking care of it along the way, it will show early signs of aging and can be problematic.

At the ripe age of 12, my mother had me attend a class on skin care. I was fascinated. From that moment on, I started doing something extremely simple. I washed my face morning and night...every day. Now at 51, it has paid off. There is truth to when you go to bed without washing your face or, even worse, if you sleep in your makeup, your skin ages more rapidly.


Did you know that whatever is going on inside your body, it shows up on your skin? Whatever you eat, drink, or put on your body makes a difference in how your skin ages. Refined sugar is one of the most damaging things to skin. Processed foods, carbonated drinks, and medication also wreaks havoc.


Now, I know it’s hard to navigate it all.  Trust me, I’m not a total “just say no” person when it comes to all we have available to us. I realize that option is not reasonable to expect of anyone. However, I can say that I have experienced quite a bit since I was that 12 year old girl. 


My passion is skin and health, and I’m here to help you figure out not only what’s going on with your skin, but to find the best option for your skin type, current skin situation and lifestyle. There are no cookie cutter answers and I can save you time and money just with a simple consultation


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