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I remember what it's like to not know which direction to go.

I remember the 1st time I experienced "trauma" with a BIG T.

And the 2nd...

And the 3rd...

I remember what it's like to be tired all the time with no energy for the things normal people enjoyed.​

I remember what it's like to be stuck in the same patterns and cycles....getting nowhere.

I remember reading all the books, watching all the inspirational gurus, creating goals only to fall off the wagon time and time again.

I remember my children leaving home to move across the country and feeling lost.

I know marrital struggles.

I know 32 years of pain (physical, mental, & spiritual)

I know failure.

It's not fun.

It does a number on your self esteem.

It does a number on your body.

It makes you think you'll be this way forever.

You feel like no one understands.


I've experience healing!

I've experienced success!

I've experienced new friendships and relationships!

I've experienced clarity!

I've experienced wisdom!

I've experienced love!

I've experienced Freedom!

I've experienced JOY!

Not only have I experienced these things but 


I help women figure out what's going on deep inside.

I help women work through and release the pain.

I help women remove old emotionality that

no longer serves them.

I help women correct emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual misinformation.

I help women with reality checks.

I do not put up with other people's delusions.

I ENJOY watching women walk in


I'm here to lend a hand to help you experience


quarterly coaching

Over the next 3 months, you will experience one-on-one coaching sessions twice a month with me.

I will work with you to give you new insight, new perspectives, new modalities, new tools, & new ideas to bring forth the absolute best version of you!

  • You'll get high touch accessability

  • You will gain clarity

  • You will be more energized

  • You will have more accountability to hold you to your goals

  • You will make time for yourself and still have time for the people you love most

  • You will begin to see the fruit of your labor and watch your dreams become reality.

  • You will begin to feel a freedom and flow to your life

  • You will sense that things are happening for you without you striving so hard

  • You will learn to shift your thinking more quickly when you are having down days.

  • You will learn to operate in your zone of genius instead of what someone else tells thinks

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will find your true voice and stop holding yourself back.

It's time to trade what is going well in your life for could be going GREAT!

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