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Meditations to Embrace

Lifeline Meditations to Embrace.png

Allow the Meditations & music to wash over you. Release all random thoughts but as they come acknowledge them and lay them aside. Be fully present, and allow the music to do its work. May you be at peace. May you know safety. May you live with abundance and favor. May you find more joy. May you have more grace for yourself. May you know love and experience more of it. May you find restoration for your soul.

With Love,



Time to Decide (5:25)

Blended with 444hz, the frequency that brings change and is known for new beginnings. Acknowledge your intention before listening.


Opening Your Gifts (13:34)

480hz promotes conscious awareness by activating the pineal gland for better understanding and connection to God


Sunset Meditation (4:32)

126.22hz is the frequency of the sun bringing regeneration to move beyond all obstacles with ease at the end of your day


Knowing Who I Am (8:34)

528hz is known as the love frequency. Giving and receiving love is part of your purpose. This frequency repairs DNA, helps with relational connections and much more.

This album is dedicated to my children, Alicia, Brooklynn, and Kimball, my greatest teachers and greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

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