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What's the 1 word that helps you focus?

Change is scary but if you take 1 day, 1 moment, 1 step at a time and do it consistently, it will most assuredly pay off.


Yes, You, are worthy of everything this life has to offer. .

How many times do we need to fall to only get back up and feel like we took 2 steps forward and fell back 12?

Persistence is a God Given trait is EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!

HOW DO I KNOW? Think of a baby learning to walk. When they fall, do they give up trying again? NO! They keep trying until they get it. Over and over again until they are completely drained of every ounce of energy. But guess what, as soon as they rest, for a short time, they are back at it and they PERSIST until they have conquered the uncordination of 1 step in front of the other, the wobble, the sway, the falling with grace. And we all cheer when they succeed! . What is that 1 thing that you desire so bad but somehow you keep failing? Persistency pays off. It must be coupled with consistency. . Consistent Persistence pays off positively! . And I not only am cheering for you along the way, but I'll be the loudest at the finish line waiting for you!🙌🙌🙌 . YOU GOT THIS! . . . #beyou #bereal #beinspired #thepursuitoflivingwell #persistence #consistency #nevergiveup #createyourlife #createyourdestiny #bebrave #dontholdback #riseabove #keepgoing #cheeringforyou #finishwhatyoustarted #desire #dreambig #dreamscometrue #babessupportingbabes

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