There is something about being a woman and longing for more, longing for close friends, and wanting so much to have our own tribe? Why has it been so hard to find in the past? 


We were made for more, yet the older we get, we find that the kids are growing up so very fast, or already gone, and we are not needed in the same “mom” capacity as the last 18 years. Maybe you spent your early adult years building a career and now it’s time to pivot and build a family. Or, like many, you’ve been a hard core business owner, wife, and mom that you’ve forgotten to live for yourself.

As a 50+ woman, I’ve had my share of ups and downs. I’ve experienced success and disappointments. I’ve lost close friends that didn’t understand me or what I was doing. However, I’ve gained new ones whom I never thought I’d share the same space. 


This is why I’ve created the Pursuit of Living Well Collective. 

We are a group of women from all over the nation. We are women supporting women. We encourage and cheer each other on. We have only good things to say or we say nothing at all. What is seen is what is caught. The Pursuit of Living Well Collective celebrates success no matter the size. If I have an idea and you have and idea, then we each have one, but when we share our ideas, we now each have two. We have a desire for more and the capacity to go after what we want. We think outside of the box and set no limits for ourselves. Our mind is ever growing and always learning. We help one another and do no harm. Actions speak louder than words and we do what we say we are going to do. We follow through and finish each task. We are determined to set a new standard in our town where we truly collaborate and give “high fives” on every corner. We are here to meet on the regular, share ideas and share frustrations in hopes of gaining new perspective. 


If you’ve ever wanted to be celebrated, supported, and collaborate with like minded women, this is your home.

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