Get ready for
The Feminine Fire
(2nd experience coming winter 2022...stay tuned)

Join me for the Event of the Year for Women!

Have you ever wanted to do something just for you but you didn't know what?

Do you keep hearing about operating in "the masculine power" or "the feminine power" and wonder what's the difference...really?

Have you tried moving towards specific goals in life or work, only to keep coming up against roadblocks?

How about this...have you had the desire to build true authenic relationships with other like minded women?

Have you wondered what it would be like to truly live in complete freedom?

I used to feel the same way and when I took my a leap and went to an event where I knew no one, my life was changed forever. You are not alone in any of these feelings, emotions, or questions above. I've created something spectacular for you and cannot wait to share it with you.

I want you to experience it all. I want you to know you ARE made for more. I want you to know you deserve everything you've ever wanted. I want you to know you are loved just as you are. I want you to say YES to YOU and know that the voice inside is asking for you to rise up, stop playing small, and feel the flame inside that's ready to SHINE BRIGHT!

When you step into the unknown, miracles happen all around.

It is time for the feminine within to be healed, energized, and set free.

This event will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. 

  • Sisterhood

  • Sanctuary

  • Release

  • Fire in your belly

  • Laughter in your soul

  • Free of pain

  • Free of your past

  • Freedom to move forward in power

  • Freedom to just BE YOU completely



Feminine Fire


Arrive in Phoenix, AZ and grab a rental to do some road trippin!

Sedona is about a 2 hour drive from the airport and such beautiful scenery.

You will want to arrive and check in by 4pm as we will have dinner plans Monday Evening.

Tuesday starts with Breakfast and your 1st session. We will break for lunch and you are free to eat at any of the local restaurants. Our afternoon session will begin sometime between 2 & 3pm. We will be done by 5pm. (details for the evening will be shared upon arrival)

Wednesday will be super special for each of you. I know that during this time you will find some if not all the answers you’ve been searching for.

This time will be a divine appointment between you and the Divine Source, giver of all life. You will be blessed.

Icing on the CAKE...You will receive 7 FREE Virtual Trainings from myself and other Expert Guest speakers prior to this trip. This alone is valued at over $1400. 


Value $8000

Early Bird: TBD

All pricing TBD for the next event